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Why Chelpis?

Chelpis core technology are blockchain, cryptocurrency, IoT, cryptography. The core technology plus decade years experience on field means we will deliver high qualify results for you.  



We provide the most secure crypto wallet to the world. It includes the modern crypto-algorithms and secure element with Common criteria EAL 5+ level.


Chelpis have 10 years mobile, desktop, cloud applications development experience. We introduce the best UI/ UX on many technology product. 


Facility management

Our facility management is cloud service, it seamlessly connected IoT, token and point system, and third-party apps. 


We give our customer fast, secure, easy to use platform with secure hardware integration. Our solutions cover ticket system, tokens and points, and recursive dividend distribution. 

Crypto algorithm

Our algorithm is fastest on ARM-based platform. We have solution on all crypto algorithm especially Quantum-safe algorithm which pass es NIST-round-2.   


We provide secure crypto system for many industries, such as Automotive, IoT, Smart home, Surveillance, document signing. 

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