Summit Taiwan

AWS Security Fundamentals Course

August 11th, 2022 13:00 - 17:20 | TaiNEX 2 701D |

Shih-Yong Wang / Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS

Jun May / Business Development Manager, AWS

Ming / CEO, Chelpis




Biz Manager


Let's get rid of low performance and high latency traditional VPN.

AORTA leverages single data nodes architecture with strong encryption.

Providing blazing speeds to optimized working performance.

High-speed Transmission

Stable Connection

AORTA rectifies network connection mechanism from bottom layer to avoid unpredictable disconnection.

Your critical business applications will no longer need to be reconnected repeatedly.

Using traditional VPN and being bothered by multifarious cyber attacks?

AORTA offers unparalleled security through its cutting-edge encryption protocol and multi-factor authentication.

AORTA prevents your critical data from data breach!

Secure Access


Customer Review  Popoint/ App software service

AORTA secures our development environment, so that engineer can focus  on development without concerning about security issues.

Faster than VPN, low latency!

AORTA really solved the problem that employees need to transmit a large amount of video through VDI.

Customer Review  FormosaVerse/ Web3 provider

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