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Embracing the Post-Quantum World  

Chelpis PQC (Post-Quantum Cryptography) Protects the Critical Core Data of Enterprises.

Zero Trust solutions, proactive network defense, quantum migration services, blockchain security applications, and chip security inception,
Chelpis Quantum Corp ensures that businesses are both compliant and secure.


PQ-ZTA Tunnel

Quantum Safe Zero Trust Architecture Solutions

PQ-ZTA Tunnel features comply with the three critical technologies of the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) as required by NIST SP 800-207. It is applicable to all three deployment modes specified in NIST SP 800-207 and uses post-quantum cryptographic algorithms selected by NIST as its core.

From mobile and desktop devices to mainframe systems, and even through post-quantum encryption chips, corporate core data is protected against malicious actors' "steal now, decrypt later" tactics, ensuring dual benefits in cybersecurity.


(Quantum Safe Migration Pack)

Post-Quantum Agile Migration Solutions

PQMP Quantum Agile Migration Solution integrates a customized migration toolkit featuring a variety of communication protocols, applications, hardware, SSL libraries, and post-quantum cryptographic algorithms.

Defending against the heightened cybersecurity risks from emerging quantum computers, assisting enterprises in preparing for data security migration, and implementing post-quantum encryption and protection for critical data.

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