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Leading technology for future

Building a secure infrastructure for the crypto world.

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Post-Quantum Cryptography

Chelpis focuses on cryptographic security products in the digital world. 


We connect cryptography experts around the world, and solve problems such as quantum security, blockchain, hacker penetration, and national security from a professional technical perspective to create a solution that conforms to international first-line cryptographic standards.


AORTA - Transmission Authentication and Encryption Solutions


Tailor-Made Secure Network for Cloud Security, Remote Workers, SecDevOps  helpling customers to create a protection mechanism with application protection as the perimeter (SDP, software defined perimeter). Adopting secure connection, IAM authentication and other related cryptography technology . 

  1. Peer-to-peer encryption tunnel, faster and safer than VPN

  2. End-to-end Encryptions, prevent lateral movement from virus

  3. Traffic control, provide flexible expansion solutions

  4. Adopt NIST SP 800-207 Zero Trust Architecture


Can be used for remote secure connection, reclaiming permissions of departing employees, avoiding lateral movement of server-side malware, and DDoS attacks mitigating above Layer 4.



Chelpis cooperates with FormosaVerse by providing a variety of blockchain solutions to facilitate traditional businesses and industries entering  Web3, the new decentralized business world .

  • Cold Wallet - Quantum-proof cold wallet to protect assets in Web3.

  • Wallet - Non-crypto user-friendly blockchain wallet, provides API for businesses simplifying concatenation, cutting costs and reducing information security risk.

  • NFT One-Stop launch solution - smart contract development, website design, blind box design, whitelist mechanism, integration with Opensea.

  • NFT Utility Tool - Design and allocate NFT’s utilities,  NFT asset rights verification system.


Why Chelpis


Leading the future of security

Chelpis participates in the global post-quantum cryptography standard. The team has accumulated years of experience in cryptographic implementations. We develop markets, resources, and talents to co-develop with partners a safer digital world.


Built-in Security

Target-oriented and effective collaboration, Chelpis solves core security issues with partners.


Security by Design

We use asymmetric cryptography, keeping only the public key on our servers and storing private keys on users’ devices in a tamper-proof secure element. Chelpis never stores passwords, ensuring accounts’ safety.

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